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  • unpasteurized
  • unfiltered
  • 12% alk.
  • 0,5 L
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Category: Beer
I can cannabis beer cbd konopné pivo Konopí ležák
249 Kč –63 %
cannabis beer
Cannabis beer
Contains sirup with CBD
česká produkce konopného piva s cbd
Czech production
Czech beer is the best anyway.
rozvážíme do cello světa
Beer for everybody!

Bitterness with a degree

 Watch out, here comes the Žatec semi-early red hops. It's the kind of bitterness that has a higher IQ than the average beer sommelier. Medium intensity, but with enough self-confidence to command respect.

Sweet punch with a yeasty surprise

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the magical moment – a sweet flavor that's like kissing science. The residual carbohydrates of the malt play a game of "who's the boss" with the yeast accent.

Foam with a PhD in Brewing Engineering

Above-average fullness, medium carbonation, and the foam? It holds a doctorate in "How to Make a Great First Impression." Every bubble is a tiny scientific experiment.

Composition – when chemistry meets gastronomy:

  • Water: H2O, but with style.
  • Pilsner Malt: Graduate of the prestigious Malt University.
  • Bavarian (Munich) Malt: The imported intellectual.
  • Caramel Malt: The sweet rebel who breaks the rules.
  • Brewing Yeast: The quiet type, but never unnoticed at fermentation parties.

Hop celebrities:

  • Žatec Semi-Early Red (Czech Republic): The aristocrat among hops, with a pedigree.
  • Sládek (Czech Republic): The floral Casanova who knows how to handle bitterness.
  • Pacific Jade (New Zealand): The exotic traveler bringing a taste of adventure to the beer.

Cannabis? Yes, we can:

This unique brew, already boasting a rich profile, is further enhanced by the addition of hemp syrup with CBD. This infusion not only aligns with the growing trend of incorporating hemp into various products but also significantly influences the beer's flavor profile. The hemp syrup contributes a subtle, earthy undertone to the beer, complementing its existing notes and adding a layer of complexity to its taste. This nuance is a nod to the natural synergy between hemp and hops, both belonging to the same plant family, Cannabaceae. Their relatedness allows for a harmonious blend of flavors, where the herbal qualities of hemp subtly intertwine with the traditional bitterness of hops. This results in a beer that is not only unique in its composition but also offers a taste experience that is both innovative and deeply rooted in brewing tradition.


Final word:

This beer is not just a liquid in a bottle – it's a symphony of flavors, a scientific miracle, and a gastronomic poem, all in one. And remember – drinking with a smile enhances the taste experience.

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