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Bitterness with a degree: Watch out, here comes the Žatec semi-early red hops. It's the kind of bitterness that has a higher IQ than the average beer sommelier. Medium intensity, but with enough self-confidence to command respect.

Sweet punch with a yeasty surprise: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the magical moment – a sweet flavor that's like kissing science. The residual carbohydrates of the malt play a game of "who's the boss" with the yeast accent.

Foam with a PhD in Brewing Engineering: Above-average fullness, medium carbonation, and the foam? It holds a doctorate in "How to Make a Great First Impression." Every bubble is a tiny scientific experiment.

Composition – when chemistry meets gastronomy:

  • Water: H2O, but with style.
  • Pilsner Malt: Graduate of the prestigious Malt University.
  • Bavarian (Munich) Malt: The imported intellectual.
  • Caramel Malt: The sweet rebel who breaks the rules.
  • Brewing Yeast: The quiet type, but never unnoticed at fermentation parties.

Hop celebrities:

  • Žatec Semi-Early Red (Czech Republic): The aristocrat among hops, with a pedigree.
  • Sládek (Czech Republic): The floral Casanova who knows how to handle bitterness.
  • Pacific Jade (New Zealand): The exotic traveler bringing a taste of adventure to the beer.

Final word: This beer is not just a liquid in a bottle – it's a symphony of flavors, a scientific miracle, and a gastronomic poem, all in one. And remember – drinking with a smile enhances the taste experience.

cannabis beer
Cannabis beer
Contains sirup with CBD
česká produkce konopného piva s cbd
Czech production
Czech beer is the best anyway.
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