cannabis beer
Cannabis beer
Contains sirup with CBD
česká produkce konopného piva s cbd
Czech production
Czech beer is the best anyway.
rozvážíme do cello světa
Beer for everybody!
You can have
I can cannabis beer cbd konopné pivo Konopí ležák
249 Kč –63 %
90 Kč

unpasteurized unfiltered 12%...


You can share the story.

Welcome to the World of "I can" Beer - Where Every Can Tells a Story

Discover "I can", a beer brand that celebrates uniqueness through collectible labels while maintaining a consistent flavor profile. In partnership with the historic Pánský Pivovar Telč, we bring you a beer that combines traditional brewing methods with a unique design concept.

Our beer, with its constant, balanced taste, offers a uniform taste experience across various designs - "I can swim", "I can chill", and "I can travel". Each can is a work of art, designed to inspire collecting while also making it easy to recognize your favorite beer when you share it with friends.


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