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Life is a circle where traditions meet innovations.

Welcome to the world of "I can" beer, where our passion for cannabis meets the art of traditional Czech brewing. We are a group of enthusiasts from Bonghemia, who decided to embark on a new venture - creating a beer that uniquely blends hemp with the time-honored methods of Czech beer making.

Our journey in crafting "I can" beer has been driven by a desire for innovation while maintaining a deep respect for tradition. With our profound knowledge and love for cannabis, we aimed to produce a beer that not only highlights the unique properties of hemp but also respects the rich heritage of Czech brewing.


české konopné pivo Czech cannabis beer i can


Taste the freedom

In our "I can" beer, we've infused hemp syrup with CBD, enhancing its flavor profile. This addition pays homage to the kinship between hemp and hops, both belonging to the same plant family. The synergy between these two ingredients results in a beer that is both innovative and deeply rooted in brewing tradition. The hemp syrup contributes a subtle, earthy undertone, perfectly complementing the traditional bitterness of hops and adding complexity to the beer’s taste.

Our collaboration with the historic Telč Brewery further solidifies our commitment to quality and tradition. The brewery’s rich history and expertise in brewing ensure that each sip of "I can" beer is a testament to quality and artisanal skill. The result is a beer that is not just a drink but a symbol of the union of the old with the new, tradition with a modern lifestyle, and above all, a celebration of the freedom and innovation that cannabis brings.


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Our Vision

At "I can" beer, our future is about more than just brewing – it's about creating an identity. We aim to launch a series of distinctively designed cans that cater to individual styles and moods. Picture a variety of cans, each with a unique design that embodies a specific feeling or moment – from the adventurous "I Can Travel" to the laid-back "I Can Chill."

This vision is about transforming each can of "I can" beer into a personal statement and a piece of art. We're dedicated to merging creative design with our brewing craftsmanship, ensuring that our beers aren't just great to taste but also a delight to hold and collect. As we grow, we'll continue innovating, making "I can" beer a symbol of personal expression in the beer world.


plechovky I can sběratelské edice cannabis beer czech  

Join us on this exciting journey where every sip is a new discovery, and every can tells a story. "I can" beer is more than just a beverage; it's a lifestyle, a blend of tradition and modernity, celebrating the liberating spirit of cannabis.

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